Culture Cakes Kit Subscription:

Love to travel but can’t take the flight? Ignite your wanderlust from your own kitchen with a Culture Cakes Kit!

Monthly Contents:
*Discover 3-5 snacks from a new featured country each month!

*A recipe to turn cultural, exotic flavors into the common cupcake!

* 1-3 Exotic ingredients and baking supplies. (These kits DO NOT come with ALL the ingredients for baking)

*A booklet of cultural discovery and collectible.

* Free Shipping!

Experience a different culture, discover news flavors and snacks, recreate traditional flavors in a modern cupcake.

Not a fan of baking? Try our Mini 'Snacks Only' Kit. Dump your bag to experience culture and discover new snacks.

Use this kit as a date night, to teach your kids about global culture, or as inspiration in the kitchen!