5 French Dessert Recipes

France Recipes

For the month of June, we are all about French culinary culture! This week, we put together a great list of French desserts, just in time for summer time gatherings.

  1. Tarte au Citron: Also known as lemon tarts. A classic treat perfect for summer time gathering
  2. Madeleines: A classic spongy, cake like cookie
  3. Macarons: Check out this link for a great step by step visual on how to make the perfect macarons.
  4. French Palmiers: Here is a much easier recipe for a French classic that is sure to impress.
  5. Canneles: A golden, crispy cake with a custardy centre that is the perfect treat.

Not in the mood to try your hand at baking French desserts? Check out our France Culture Cakes Kit for quick French snacks and more!



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