5 Recipes to Use UBE Extract.

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5 Recipes To Use Ube Extract
Our Culture Cakes Philippines Kit is our most popular kit to date, with ube being the star of the show! Here are 5 easy ways that you can use your leftover ube extract during quarantine for unique Filipino infused desserts.
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  1. Ube Rice Krispie Treats : A classic treat that is so simple to make with just 4 ingredients. 
  2. Ube Donuts with Coconut Glaze : The same featured ingredients in your Philippines Kit can also be turned into these radiant donuts!
  3. Ube Ensaymada: With your Philippines Kit you tried Ensaymade flavored crackers, but now lets make the real treat, with ube of course!
  4. Ube Leche Flan Cake: Like many things, leche flan has Spain origins but is a classic in the Philippines!  
  5. Ube Crinkle Cookies: A classic cookie now with a Filipino twist!


Check out Kendy Jane's unboxing of our Philippines Kit!

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