5 Ways to Use Jasmine Essence - Beyond the Box

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Our Culture Cakes Lunar New Year Kit is a fun and unique kit, with a wide variety of flavors. Jasmine essence is the star of the show here. However, we know that it may be tricky to come up with how to use Jasmine essence beyond the box, so we pulled 5 ideas for you to try!

Still need a Lunar New Year kit? You can order one here! Also be sure to check out our Pinterest board 'Beyond the Box' for more ideas on how to use leftover ingredients!

  1. Gooseberry Tartlets w/ Jasmine Whipped Cream - Unique and loads of fun. This recipe uses jasmine essence to add some flavor to the common whipped cream. This recipe would also be great with peaches instead of gooseberry!

    how to use jasmine essence beyond the box
  2. Jasmine Green Tea Cake with Raspberry Jam - Jasmine flowers are often infused with green tea. This cake recipe combines jasmine tea, matcha tea and raspberry jam for the ultimate flavor explosion cake. Try out this recipe using your jasmine essence instead of infusing jasmine tea!

  3. Jasmine Cream w/ Berries and Pistachios - Keep it simple and infuse cream with a hint of jasmine essence to taste. Top with a berry medley and pistachios for an IG worthy treat!
  4. Jasmine and White Chocolate Whoopie Pies - Whoopie pies! A cookie, a cupcake, a cake? Either way they're delicious, so we're positive this flavor combo will be too! Simply use your jasmine essence instead of dried jasmine to achieve this flavor!
  5. Bubbly Strawberry-Jasmine Tea - Crisp, fruity, floral, refreshing. Try using plain green tea, with a splash of jasmine essence to achieve this recipe!
    How to use jasmine essence beyond the box

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