African Beverage Culture : 5 African Drinks You Didn’t Know Were That Awesome

May 04, 2021

African Beverage Culture : 5 African Drinks You Didn’t Know Were That Awesome

Africa is a diverse continent, the food varies immensely from country to country, and we can say the same thing about the motherland’s drinks. From tea and coffee to alcoholic beverages, there is more than one way of quenching your thirst in Africa.

Here are a few African drinks you didn’t know were that awesome. Although just a drop in the bucket, they’ll surely change the way you think about Africa’s drink scene. We hope you’re thirsty because the following drinks are not only attractive and unique but delicious!

1. Ethiopian Honey Wine

Ethiopia sits on the Horn of Africa, in Northeast Africa, and it’s known for its significant agricultural production. One of the most exciting traditional Ethiopian products is Tej or honey wine.

Made artisanally with time-honored methods since the beginning of times, this sweet drink is not dissimilar to mead, and it often has an alcoholic strength between 7% and 11%. Commercially, there are many brands and styles of Tej, but the best is still made by small craft producers.

Tej is a must in any social event, festival or religious ceremony; it’s easy to see why this is Ethiopia’s national drink!

2. Ethiopian Coffee

If you think Ethiopia makes a good honey wine, wait until you try its coffee! Ethiopia is the fifth-largest coffee producer globally, and most experts agree the caffeinated grain is originally from the area.

Coffee is not only the most important economic activity in the country, but it’s also part of Ethiopia’s culture. The traditional coffee ceremony is an event you must experience at least once in your life.

It all starts with the coffee beans laid over a flower bed; the household’s women then fire roast the beans over an open flame and grind them on-site with a mortar and pestle. They then boil the ground beans in a pot filled with water, resulting in the most intense, fragrant and fresh coffee on the planet.

3. Moroccan Mint Tea

Morocco’s proximity to the Mediterranean Sea makes it unique and a thriving touristic destination for travelers from every corner of the earth. If Morocco’s ancient history and impressive architecture weren’t enough to visit, the country’s mint tea is.

Mint tea in Morocco is part of the social life and is the way people greet visitors. Preparing tea for someone has immense significance as a synonym for hospitality. Every restaurant and hotel offers mint tea to their guests as well, and its preparation is ceremonial and ritualistic.

The tea is brewed to order, and it is made with a complex process that involves steeping the mint leaves in boiling water and sweetening the green-hued tea.

4. Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is a rare infusion made almost only in South Africa. Also known as bush tea or red tea, this herbal infusion has been the country’s most traditional drink for centuries but has gained international popularity recently.

The tea is earthy, grassy and pleasantly bitter, resulting from a complex production method comprising oxidizing the plant’s leaves until they gain their characteristic reddish color. If you like black tea, you’ll love rooibos tea; although it doesn’t contain caffeine, it is milder in flavor and more balanced.

Enjoy rooibos tea with milk or a lime wheel and sweeten it with honey for the most authentic experience.

5. South African Beer

Beer in South Africa is steeped in tradition. The art of malting and brewing grains arrived with the first Dutch immigrants, making the country’s beer scene 300 years old.

It comes without saying native civilizations, including the Zulu, already fermented grains in what is now South Africa long before the arrival of the European colonists!

South Africa has the most significant beer consumption in the continent, and there are dozens of craft breweries championing every beer style in existence. The most interesting include the traditional Bantu beer made with malted sorghum. Grab a cold one in South Africa — it’s amongst the best beer in the world!

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