International Coffee Day

September 29, 2020

International Coffee Day Blog Post Culture Cakes Kit

Happy International Coffee Day! September 29th is the day the coffee lovers unite! 

Coffee is a world wide favorite that comes in many forms around the world, and is often paired with a wide variety of snacks, and used in many traditional customs. In honor of International Coffee Day, we curated a fun list of how coffee is used, presented and paired in different countries around the world. 

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Unique Coffee Recipes Around the World

  1. Jus Alpokat - Indonesia

    Jus Alpokat is an Indonesian avocado-coffee milkshake or iced drink, sweetened with condensed milk, and topped with chocolate. We turned this milkshake into a cupcake in our Indonesia kit, and you can too with our Coffee Lovers Box.

    Jus Alpokat cupcake by culture cakes kit

  2. Arabic Qahwa - Saudi Arabia

    Arabic qahwa (coffee) is lighter roast of coffee that is paired with cardamon spice during preparation. Traditionally, it is made by the dalla (the traditional coffee maker) and paired with a treat like dates or ma'amoul and served during gatherings as a welcome to guests. 

Coffee Customs Around the World

  1. Fika - Sweden

    Fika is often translated as "a coffee and cake break," but really fika is a state of mind in Swedish culture. Many Swedes consider that it is almost essential to make time for fika every day. It means making time for friends while sharing a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.
  2. Fortune Telling - Turkey

    Turkish coffee is widely known to be ground very fine that requires it be brewed in a special type of pot, known as a cezve. It is common in Turkey to see coffee grounds turned over onto the saucer and used for fortune telling.
  3. Bikini Baristas - Seattle, USA
    We at Culture Cakes are from Seattle, Washington! Home of many things but especially a huge coffee culture. With Starbucks on every corner, and small coffee brands on every block, many business owners had to get very creative around Washington. And so, Bikini Baristas were created. Check out the Wikipedia page to learn more.

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