Oktoberfest Celebration Inspiration

September 18, 2020

Oktoberfest Celebration Inspiration

Oktoberfest 2020! Sadly many events are cancelled around the world, but we can still celebrate from home!

We got a taste of German food and Oktoberfest culture in our German Culture Cakes Kit, but now we are kicking it up a notch with these 9 recipes and ideas on how to celebrate from home!

5 Oktoberfest Worthy Recipes

  • Easy Currywurst

    Currywurst is German street food and one of the national dishes. It can be made quick and easy for your Oktoberfest celebration. Check out the recipe here!
    Currywurst, German Street Food - MySpicyKitchen

  • Hot, Buttered Soft Pretzels

    Soft pretzels are a staple during Oktoberfest. This is the perfect choice to let the kids have some fun in the kitchen too, and to make an awesome party side dish. Get the soft, and chewy style recipe here

  • Beer Cheese Dip

    An easy dip with plenty of flavor to pair with your soft pretzels! Get the recipe here!

    beer cheese dip

  • German Candied Almonds

    The smell of these cooking will instantly turn your house into an authentic Oktoberfest celebration. In the U.S., these are also a fair and farmers market staple, so this smell might just make you feel like you can go to the county fair this year. Get an easy recipe here!

  • Easy German Apple Strudel

    Time for dessert! We CCK folks love dessert! Whether your doing an Oktoberfest shindig or not, these Apple Strudels will bring all the fall vibes! Check out the recipe here!

4 Oktoberfest Celebration Inspiration Ideas 

  •  Create A Beer Tasting 

    Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany is the biggest beer festival in the world! Celebrate from home with a huge beer tasting. Check out your local specialty markets, and World Market for many beer options from around the world.
    Vintage Chic Beer tasing Party

  •  Create A Pumpkin Keg

    Add a nice fall touch to your Oktoberfest celebration by creating a pumpkin keg!
  •  Decorate with Bavarian Pride

    Check out your local party supply store for all things blue and white! Easy decor can include Bavarian flag napkins, unique photo booth props and so much more. I'm sure Party City has a whole section.

  •  Unbox A German-Inspired Culture Cakes Kit 

    If you're not having a huge Oktoberfest celebrate full of beer, and you just want to celebrate the culture with your family, the German Culture Cakes Kit is a perfect way to do so. Use it to celebrate and learn about German culture, while tasting and baking the flavors of Germany!

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