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August 23, 2019

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Back to school season is among us and it's a big deal.

The perfect time of year when we all are burnt out from summer fun, ready to get back in routine and take a breather. The smell of fall is creeping in and all we really want is to sit back and relax but the kiddos are not on the same page. We created a list of 3 after school activities to keep our kids learning, engaged and happy.


3 After School Activities - Food & Culture

Dinners Around The World

This activity is perfect for everyone! Whether you want the kids to gain some knowledge, or you want to turn it into a date night, everyone has some fun. Start by randomly selecting a country, jump online and see what a typical dinner looks like in that country, create a grocery list then get to cooking! It doesn't have to be difficult, keep it simple and fun and you will learn a lot about the world around you.

Where In The World?

This activity is so fun and easy for the younger kiddos in your life. Teach your kids about the world and food by showing them exactly where everything comes from. Simply break out your map and food stickers, and create a food map game. Many times, it is simpler to stick to fruits or your favorite foods. Everyone will be surprised when they learn exactly where macaroni and cheese or apple pie originated. You can even do this with snacks from around the world. Culture Cakes Kit carries a fun mystery box full of snacks from around the world that would be perfect to create a food map with.


Taste & Recreate

Teach your little ones about the cultural flavors of the world by tasting them, then recreating them in a cupcake. Everyone loves cupcakes, right? They are the perfect vessel to add flavors of all sorts, and the perfect size for little human hands. A Culture Cakes Kit subscription box comes with a featured country each month that highlights the food culture with a cultural cupcake recipe card, matching ingredients from the country, plus some unique snacks to taste while the cupcakes bake! This kit comes with everything you need to keep your little ones occupied while still learning.


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