May Kit Product Descriptions

May 14, 2022

Sour Power Straws 24ct box - – GROOVYCANDIES
The Netherlands - Sour Power Straws
Super sour straws from The Netherlands that bring nostalgia for so many!

Thailand - Thai Tea with Cream and Sugar Thai tea is a world favorite! It's often made from extra strength Ceylon tea, milk and sugar. While some other variations may include: orange blossom water, star anise, crushed tamarind seed, and sometimes other spices as well. Trying mixing some of your powdered Thai Tea into cupcake batter for a unique cupcake flavor!

Bollywood Masala Sorghum Grain Popped Snack 0.5 oz | SnackMagic | Build  your own 100% Custom Snack Stash

Indian flavors from Michigan - Poplettes 

Popped sorghum is a popular street snack in Gujarat, India. Sorghum is an ancient, gluten-free supergrain that has been enjoyed globally for centuries. When it is popped, it is like a healthier alternative to popcorn with no hulls.

Gustaf's Beagles Dutch Licorice 5.29 oz. (Pack of 4) -

The Netherlands - Dutch Licorice - Beagels or Fruity Duos

One of the sweetest facts about the Netherlands is that the Dutch adore liquorice (drop). With over 80 different flavor options between salty and sweet, they eat around two kilos per person per year.

Leticias 150g | San Andrés - Dulces y Turrones

Spain - Chocolate Covered Oranges. An irresistible combination of flavors, the flavor of orange and the chocolate coating, makes these candied orange slices a curious food, perfect to take on any occasion.

CP05D – Mr.Chips Snack Mix Paprika 48x40g – Crescent Specialty Foods, Inc.

Jordan - Paprika Mr.Chips Snack Mix Mr. Chips is a popular chip mix in Jordan and throughout the Middle East!

Pulse Candy ( Kachcha Aam ) with Tangy Twiest Masala Khatta Meetha taste  Candy | eBay

India - Kachcha Aam Pulse Candy - Experience the natural, khatta-meetha (sweet & sour) flavor of raw mango in a candy. Raw mangoes are widely known as green mangoes in the US, but are a staple in North India. Often times raw mangoes are pickled and enjoyed all year long.

This candy brings the flavor of Kachcha Aam (raw, green mango.) Each candy is filled with a tangy, salt and spice mix in the middle that fizzes out as you eat it!

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