Welcome To Colombia!

August 08, 2019

Welcome To Colombia!

Welcome To... COLOMBIA!

This month we decided to take us all the way to South America, to experience the bright, fruity, tropical flavors of Colombia. Continue reading for some background information and more resources!...Next month, we explore Africa!


Colombia! The South American country that is most famously known for their flowers, coffee, emeralds, exotic fruit, chocolate and economic bounce back.

Colombia sits at the Northwest of South America where it boarders both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The country has gone through a lot over time, but has successfully bounced back with their culture still shining through!Image of South America map with Colombia highlighted.

When it comes to food culture, with so many specialties, Colombia does not disappoint. The cuisine features a lot of meat and starches, plenty of tropical fruit, and a passion for beverages.

Cultural Feature: Feria de las Flores

The tradition of Feria de las Flores (Festival of Flowers) started in the country side of Medellin, Colombia. Flowers have always been a huge native market to the area but they were not always easy to sell. Up until the 1950's, flower farmers had to carry wooden backpacks full of flowers down the rolling countryside hills, just to sell to a single market. Eventually in 1957, flower farmers came up with the idea to hold a mini parade, showcasing their crop.

Over time, this mini parade has turned into the Feria de las Flores where there is major parties, huge concerts and the traditional desfile de silleteros (showcase of flower displays.) This cultural parade happens during the first week of August every year in Medellin, the city of eternal spring.


Fun Facts

  • Colombia is the 2nd largest cut flower exporters in the world!
  • About 70-90% of Emeralds in the world come from Colombia!
  • The national flower of Colombia is the orchid. There is over 4000 different species of orchids in Colombia!
  • Did you know that Shakira comes from Colombia?!


August #CultureCakes Contest

      With your Colombian Culture Cakes Kit, we are experiencing a Colombian cultural tradition, the Festival of Flowers! If you got a full- size kit then you get to join in on the festivities by showing your creativity with a fun cupcake flavor combination, and creating your own flower display on a cupcake!

      We want to see how creative you can get, so we are holding a CONTEST! You have until August 24th to create and post YOUR cupcake creation on either Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag us in the picture so we can see it and use #CULTURECAKES. On August 25th, we will let the community vote on the best cupcake and the winner will get a GRAND PRIZE! All participants will also get a bonus gift in their September box, so make sure you enter on time and use #CULTURECAKES. We can't wait to see what your favorite discovery was this month! 

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