About Us

Hi Friends!
My name is Tautiauna and I am the creator and one- woman show here at Culture Cakes Kit!


From the age of 10 years old, I have loved baking. I have always been inspired by shows like Emeril Live (BAM!) and Cake Boss. I remember helping my Nana in the kitchen when she would make her famous pound cakes, and one time, she opened her "extract cabinet." Yes, a cabinet full of different extracts! I was in complete ah. I have always been a fan of unique flavors. This is when my love for baking experiments started.


Growing up in the heart of Seattle, I have always been exposed to a wide variety of culture. I was raised to embrace different cultures around me. Being a multi-racial person, raised in a Samoan family, I grew up having friends from all over; Vietnamese, Mexican, Egyptian, Korean, German, Ethiopian. The best part about multi-ethnic friends and family? The culture of food!


With so many differences in the world, the one thing we can always connect with people on is that we all love food. Culture Cakes Kit is about connecting as a community through our sweet tooth specifically. Whether you just love snacks, love to bake with your kids, or just enjoy learning about another culture, this is the way to do it. 
As I grew older, I knew that I wanted to involve baking and travel into my career path. I went through all the paths, I wanted to be a cruise ship Pastry Chef, maybe open a tea house with a travel theme, maybe a spice house, or a coffee stand here in Seattle, maybe open a bakery or do only Youtube. Finally, I found a way I can include everything that I love, share it with the world, and connect with people JUST.LIKE.ME.
-Tauti K.