Snacks of Latin America Mini Kit

Snacks of Latin America Mini Kit

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Explore the exotic, flavorful snacks of Latin America!

Taste Brazilian chocolate, candy from Peru, chips from Trinidad & Tobago, and so much more.

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Each bag comes with:

  • 1 Bag Big Foot Cheese Snacks (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • 5 pieces Chicha Morado Candy (Peru)
  • 3 Pieces Bis Mini Wafers (Brazil)
  • 2 Passion fruit gum lollipops (Colombia)
  • 2 Sonho de Valsa Chocolates (Brazil)
  • 3 Chile Fruit Gummy Candy (Mexico- Why not?)
  • 3 Garoto Chocolates (Brazil)
  • 3 Super Coco Candy (Colombia)
  • An informational card