Give the gift of family bonding in the kitchen again

*Limited-Edition* Valentines Day Kit

*Pre-Order Now - Ships Feb 1st!*

Valentines Day! A perfect time to stop and smell the roses, spend time with a favorite and share the love! A day full of roses, honey, wine, chocolates, cookies and love!

With this kit, be inspired to make a V-Day Charcuterie board, bake in the kitchen with your honey over a glass of wine, or even just enjoy chocolates and confections in bed with your kids. This kit is designed with love in mind no matter what walk of life. 

Shipping starts February 1st. This kit will not be included in regular subscription.

Each kit comes with:

  • 2 cultural-fusion cupcake recipe (never before seen- 1 is Middle Eastern Inspired)
  • 3-4 high quality, unique, love-inspired ingredients to match
  • A variety of V-Day inspired chocolates and confections from around the world 

Also available in 'Snacks Only' Version - 4-5 Different Snacks Included

*Each kit is subject to a variety of products included. Shipping starts on February 1st.